Having conducted extensive studies and surveys, Zarrintaj Gharb Co. has identified and purchased bottle cap production machinery with the most modern international technology and an annual production capacity of one billion caps. It should be noted that for the first time in Iran, this company has taken a measure in mass production O2scavenger folding caps which are unique and enjoy the highest international technology in 2012. Another product of this company is the liner-free folding PC28CSD caps with a weight of 3.14 which have been produced in Iran for the first time and are very unique. The machines of this company are purchased from SACMI company of Italy anf the caps are produced by compression technology.

Some of the features of the caps produced by this company are as follows.

  1. All the caps produced by this company are of folding type. This makes them to be closed and gas-regulated with the least pressure and to be opened with a force less than 1N pressure. Thanks to the thick diameter of lower part of the caps (folding), there will be no cap closure and waste.
  2. The caps produced by this company are produced under compression system. Thanks to very low heating materials, it prevents from rupture of molecular connection in the materials. One of the advantages of this process is prevention from cancer generation by this caps.
  3. The caps are produced uniformly and there is no gap between the main part of cap and the underlying ring (folding). This prevents from accumulation of microbes in the space between the ring of the caps and their main parts.
  4. Ten grooves are designed inside each cap for the beverage gas to exit from the bottle. The grooves avoid sudden exit of the gas and causing any damage to the consumers.
  5. Surface of the caps produced by this company is quite uniform and lacks any excrescence remaining on the caps caused by the punch of injection systems. For this reasons, printing quality on the surface of produced caps is much higher than injection systems.
  6. All caps produced by this company are controlled and monitored by 5 modern cameras with respect to technical features, appearance and color. The possibility of any deficient cap in the products of this company has decreased to zero.
  7. This company is equipped with 4-color Roto Print machine model 2012 with annual printing capacity of over one billion caps which has been purchased from Tampo Print Company of Germany.
  8. The products of this company are supplied in a quite hygienic and sterilized environment in various colors and with high quality 4-color printing on the caps in the packages each containing 4,000 caps.
  9. This company is the only company that has received international certificates including:
    ( ISO 10002:2005 - OHSAS 18001:2007 - ISO 14001:2004 - ISO 15378:2006 GMP - ISO 9001:2008)
    From DQS of Germany that have finally resulted in obtaining IMS certificate.
  10. This company is member of IQNET ( International Quality Network).